About Cloudio Platform

About Cloudio

We have developed the Cloudio Platform from the ground up as the new modern Anything as a Service Platform.


XaaS Marketplace Platform for Partners

Whether you’re a Distributor, Managed Service Provider or a Reseller, investing in an online Ecommerce and Cloud platform is crucial for any Technology company.

Welcome to Cloudio, it’s an intuitive cloud-based sales platform built for Distributors, Resellers and Managed Service Providers.

It can simplify how Managed Service Providers Quote, Sell, and Procure products and solutions.


Cloudio Marketplace for Partners

With its quoting, procurement, and ecommerce features, you can drive both efficiency and better profit margins. It has the smarts to provide the lowest product cost across multiple suppliers for your end customers.

Remove the manual effort on transactional purchases with Cloudio’s Ecommerce capabilities. More than just a quoting tool, you can enable your clients to purchase pre-approved products online 24/7 and support pay on account.

Cloudio offers many features such as integration with supplier product catalogues, quotation tools for sales, automated procurement, ecommerce and a cloud marketplace platform to handle cloud subscription and consumption business models.

Reselling hardware, software or cloud subscriptions can all be automated via the innovative Cloudio automation platform.

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